The Power of Baby Steps As an All-or-Nothing Thinker

Once you begin to make changes in your life that will make you a healthier and more well-adjusted adult, it can also be difficult to recognize how far you've come, because the slow progression of baby step after baby step can begin to feel so natural. All-or-nothing thinkers are often extremely self-critical (gotta love that Virgo/6th House energy), so even though we may  be doing "better" than we were a year ago, we still aren't "where we want to be" yet.


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Over the past year or so, I have been battling with some intense fear. It seems that, once I clawed myself out of the pits of depression (or cleared the fog, whatever metaphor), I found myself consumed with an existential dread. I had spent such a long period of time wishing that I was dead that, once I realized how good it was to be alive and how much there was to live for, I was terrified of losing that opportunity.